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Sattva Yoga New Jersey is conveniently located in the heart of Jersey City, NJ within a short driving distance from anywhere in the metro area. We offer easy online registration for classes.

523 Palisade Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07307


Our Classes

This 60 minute class teaches the foundations of Vinyasa flow yoga through a well-rounded sequence of postures designed to balance the body and mind as well as uplift the spirit, with an emphasis on breath and healthy alignment.
 Recommended for new Beginners, open to all.
Come flow through fluid Vinyasa Flow sequences of traditional sun salutations and standing postures, linking breath with movement to build strength and endurance, finding balance and flexibility. In Sanskrit vinyasa means “to place in a special way,” and that informs the graceful “dance” that is a dynamic vinyasa sequence. This class is for those students who have working knowledge of yoga postures and are ready for an introduction to more challenging postures and creative sequencing.

Class is 1 Hour
Open to all, Level 1 experience suggested.

Experience your practice from a deeper level during this vinyasa flow practice designed to invigorate, balance and open the energy flow throughout the entire body. There are 7 energy centers in the subtle and physical bodies, known as the chakras. When the chakras are aligned, it allows for greater physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental balance.  We will explore these energy centers  through movement,mantra, pranayama, and meditation to allow for Sattvic energy flow throughout the body.

Class is 75 minutes
Open to all, Level 1 experience suggested. 


A delicious balanced practice designed to both uplift and relax you as we Flow by candlelight guided by breath and intention, then surrender fully into propped Restorative poses. The aim is to rejuvenate your body's natural rhythm and harmony while improving strength and flexibility, incorporating movement and stillness, strength and surrender, to dissolve tension and experience a deep sense of well being.
Available to All Levels
Class is 60 Minutes
 A gentle class consisting of basic postures sequenced to stretch, strengthen and condition the body. A great choice  for those just coming back to a practice, recovering from injury or discovering yoga for the first time. The class concludes with an extended guided relaxation and an introduction to meditation and balancing breath techniques.
75 minutes.  Available to all levels, great for Beginners.
After giving birth, many moms are eager to get back into their fitness routine, yet often struggle to find time now that they have to tend to their new baby. This class focuses on rebuilding mom's core strength as they practice core based yoga postures and do partner poses with their baby. We incorporate stretches and gentle massaging for the babies to help with their natural flexibility and growth as well songs and fun activities to keep the little ones involved.

This class is best for newborns and new crawlers. Come to class with an open mind, and open heart and a couple of toys for your little one. It is a fun time for everyone!

Class time is 1 Hour

Classes can be used as part of any Sattva package.

Join Sattva teacher Laurie G for this slowly flowing, deeply going, soulful experience combining breath work, artfully sequenced movement & sweet deep relaxation to ground, nourish and inspire. Shakti is the primordial cosmic energy- the divine life force that is the source of all. Laurie's classes are are intuitively guided and designed to tend to the vital life force energy that seeks its expression through each of us. Emerge reminded of that which is most essential feeling relaxed, vibrant & at ease in body, mind and heart.
75 Minutes
Available to all level, Beginners welcome
A soothing, calming practice to nourish body and soul with gentle slow flow, deep stretching and propped restorative postures, this class will nourish every aspect of your being. Soul Stretch & Restore is a great class for all levels of practitioners who enjoy a slower paced class, focusing on increased flexibility and an enhanced state of mind. This class will allow the nervous system to relax and cells to regenerate. As you are guided to let go of both physical and mental tension, you will feel a warm relaxation spread through your body, providing you with clearer focus and better sleep at the end of your long day.
Class is 1 Hour
Available to all levels, Beginners welcome.
Start your day with a 1 hour Vinyasa Flow practice to open the body, awaken the senses and set an intention for your day.
In the yogic discipline, the morning is considered as a "divine time" and when an individual's spiritual energy is at its peak. Clarity, creativity, and peace of mind and body are benefits of a sunrise yoga practice because of fewer distractions prior to starting your day.
Sunrise yoga brings your body more energy and nourishes you with a positive attitude to fully prepare for the challenges of the day ahead.
Available to all levels
Based on the ISHTA Yoga school‘s Sweat and Samadhi class, this 90 minute class is designed to bring balance to your physical and subtle body by experiencing the Yin and the Yang of the practice, heating and cooling, effort and ease.
First we SWEAT, burning out the impurities of the body with a strong asana practice with a focus on twists and core work, stoking our inner fire. Then we let go and release tension in the body and mind as we melt in a series of propped restorative postures to help calm the nervous system and quiet the mind. We close with a meditation practice that will help lead you back to your source of true potential, or SAMADHI, which is the true state of yoga.
Available to all levels with some yoga experience, not suggested for brand new Beginners.
This class is an energizing yet grounding fusion of Yin yoga and Vinyasa flow. A perfect blend of Yin and Yang to create an integrated practice designed to balance our need for both movement and stillness. We open with a Yin pose to connect breath to body in stillness, gently opening the body and energetic passageways. We follow a dynamic Yang vinyasa flow practice focusing on strength, balance and core while emphasizing breath aligned with movement. Closing with a Yin series of still postures designed to go deep into the connective tissues and the joints that hold the most tension. Available to all levels, Beginner friendly.
Class is 60 minutes.

The practice of Yin can bring much needed balance to our very active lives and active asana practice. Yin yoga invites us to hold our postures for several minutes at a time in order to begin to release tension in the connective tissues or fascia that surrounds the muscles and joints and open energetic pathways in the body. We use our breath to quiet the mind and begin to let go of both physical and mental tension. Class will open with a gentle slow flow and connection to breath to prepare the body, followed by a series of Yin postures. Each class will end with a guided Yoga Nidra meditation practice designed to relax the body, calm the mind and balance the nervous system. Class is 75 minutes. Open to all levels, Beginner friendly.
Join us for the coming together of  CIRCLE OF LIGHT-- a special monthly gathering and benefit to nourish, honor and offer of the infinite incandescence of our hearts in an ever-widening circle of compassion and love.
This candle lit, intention drenched session will feature breathwork, soothing movement, guided meditation and sweet deep relaxation. Infused with the healing power of chandra namaskar (lunar salutations), mantra, poetry and the wisdom of sages from various traditions, these inspired and inspiring sessions will root you deeply and relax you completely. A tonic for the nervous system, balm for the heart and an opportunity to come together in community for something greater than yourself, each CIRCLE OF LIGHT will be offered the Friday nearest the full moon and is open to all.

50% of the proceeds will be dedicated to supporting the efforts of a selected non profit organization serving the greater good- primarily with a local focus. Each month, we will highlight the work of the group as well as their current needs and volunteer opportunities in advance of the session.
This months circle will benefit the Palisades Emergency Residence Corporation (PERC) is a soup kitchen, shelter and food pantry in Union City serving 250 meals per day to those in need and sheltering more than 120 homeless individuals a night. The non profit provides emergency shelter for individuals and families in need as well as more permanent housing for chronically homeless individuals. 365 days a year PERC offers shelter to those who have nowhere else to go. In a safe and nurturing environment, clients are provided with a bed, locker, showers, clothing, laundry services, dinner, and breakfast. Trained employees provide access and referrals to medical and mental health services, job referrals, guidance, training, substance abuse treatment, and other social services. For over 32 years, PERC has provided hope and help to our neighbors in need. PERC's mission is to defeat the cycle of poverty and to raise awareness that food and shelter are fundamental human rights. PERC believes that with help there is hope, and that every person deserves dignity, respect, and opportunity.
Donation $25